What makes you feel alive: Mackenzie Clayton

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Human connection. Building experiences with people who are excited to be living. I live to adventure. It is fine to adventure alone, but how great it is to walk through life with people who view the world with awe and beauty. I live to be inspired. I live to travel. I live for music. I live for excitement. I live because there are so many brilliant human beings in my life that make it worth while.

I find it essential to surround myself with people who share a positive outlook on life. There are so many who find it easy to wallow in their sadness and enjoy portraying themselves as damaged. For a long time I was surrounded by these types of human beings and it becomes so draining- trying to build someone up who refuses to be happy. Life throws a lot of sadness at you, but you can rise above your trauma or you can let sadness consume your heart and soul. Granted, we are all allowed to feel our feelings; I just prefer to bounce back to joyfulness sooner rather than later. I am lucky to have a few dear friends in my world who capture the beauty of life in any and every way they can. These are the people who make everything worth while.

Adventure is essential in my life. I’ve found the greatest adventures to be found in travel. To see the world is so important; I love learning about other people and other cultures. I love learning how people operate. I like to take bits and pieces from everywhere I go as I strive to be a greater person. Human experience. To experience another’s life in another place is exhilarating. I want to see the world. I want to connect with people in every way. Learning about others is simply my favorite.

I have become addicted to going to concerts in the past few years. The greatest gift in my life is the excitement in watching as an artist pours out their soul in front of hundreds of strangers. It is the joy of watching someone share their passion right in front of your very eyes. I am enthralled to be in the audience watching the stories of an artist’s life. Truly captivated.

The place I feel most alive is when I am in the open waters. I have never been more at peace than when I am spending time at the lake with the people I care about most. There is a sweet serenity when coasting on the boat or the wave-runner.  All my thoughts escape me and I am just a single being surrounded by other humans and we are all just there experiencing the same carefree joy. Being carefree. The essence of my being. It is unnecessary to worry about how things will turn. Just be. Just live. Being alive and joyful is all that matters.

I’m in love with the world. Life goes on. Remember who you are.

These are the phrases that remind me to always be joyful.

Be. Joyful. In every way you can.

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Mackenzie is a fashion marketing student at the University of Central Missouri and the definition of a fashionista. She even blogs about her here and here. All of Mackenzie’s outfits have a story and she is always excited to tell you it. She’ll be wearing a fur coat that her grandma would wear with a bracelet her mom bought in high school. There’s history behind everything. What I really love about Mackenzie’s love for fashion is that she wants to help people create a story behind what they are wearing. She currently gets to do that at Fossil, walking people through their shopping experience. I first met Mackenzie through our friend Bethany, but we actually lived on the same floor our freshman year at UCM and never met. Now we regret about laugh about it. Now I love being with Mackenzie, she is truly herself and makes others feel comfortable to do the same.


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