Recap of February and March: insane

Y’all, life is insane.

Really, the past two months have be insane. Fun, but insane.

I’ve been going crazy over schoolwork and intern applications.

Basically, I thought taking 18 hours was a good idea and I haven’t accepted an internship yet, so I can’t say too much, but let’s just say it’s a lot of work. (I am going to blog more about the internship process, but I’ll do that after they creep me.)

It’s safe to say James Kirkpatrick and I are basically best friends.

Although I’ve been really busy, the past two months have also been really fun.

So, here’s a quick recap of the exciting things in life:

Winter fun Jess baking pancakes DSCN2072 IMG_7814
We had several snow days, so a ton of girls came over and we ate breakfast, watched movies and ate snow ice cream. This was one of the first cool community moments of the semester.

One of my best friends, Katie, turned 21! So, I made my first two-layered cake.

I found my student ID after being lost for a year and a half. I guess this was a sign from God I ought to go to the rec center.

Katie, Mackenzie, Sophia and I went to a free concert on valentine’s day. It was probably one of the best days so far this year.

My campus minister and his wife had their second baby! This is Emily, not the momma.

1957591_10202336804335825_631460468_n 1922904_10202336804135820_835311031_n
CCH threw a prom for the kids at Show Me Christian Youth Home! The theme was Candy Land, with the live cast and board game.

vbcGw13rfZTuf-e9KlyFCjsJN4arasDLnEt8_AYwcOk wS8g-p7xvhGE6n-hwRNgocOhgPWR5n51RLx6TaGqeOM,J34SG6PULkWc2psFlQMzS58rqJIKJJFS7p7R_NpE0M4 2WSd9e3gS2_kLr6rt69qgwQLxsWjJ_WRqZUN3SZvD0k

My friend Rachel is a photographer and came to visit me from KC. So, while she was here she took photos of Sophia, Mackenzie and I. Hilarious day.

IMG_7894 IMG_7893


I went to the library a lot. Sometimes with Lettie (to me, this picture is hilarious.)

I made an origami dog for an intern application. They didn’t hire me. shoot.

1897984_10152334750152433_702334062_n IMG_7982 1926673_687988067919264_1059329677_n 1958091_10203646374987888_1927450188_n
I went to Tennessee with all of these people. ALSO, I went hiking. If you know me, you’ll know I do not go hiking. BUT, I went from loathing hiking to kind of being okay with hiking. Plus learned a lot. It was great.

I finally visited Thistle Farms in Nashville.

The UCM cookie was announced. Big deal people. Chocolate Chunk Carmel.

I watched FROZEN and sang Let It Go every single day.

UCM won the national championship in basketball. Truth be told: I didn’t know they were good until they were in the final 4. whoops? Anyways, there was a parade where the best players stood in a fire truck.


cool things that do not have pictures:
I received free tickets to a Miley Cyrus concert. So, Katie and I are going and cannot stop laughing at how hilarious this is.
I learned a lot. A lot about people, the Lord and text books.
The very first thunderstorm of the spring happened. The second is currently happening.
I convinced my brother to like tea.
I bought a coffee grinder.
I went on a grad school campus visit.
I enrolled in my very last semester of college.
+more things I cannot think of at the moment.

Life has been crazy but really fun. Sometimes unexpectedly fun.
Praise Jesus for that.

(Now I feel like a mom scrap booker with all of these pictures everywhere. web designers: I need your free help.)


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