What makes you feel alive: Andrew Sexton

What makes me feel alive?


I have been to Mexico a bunch of times, with my home church in St. Louis. This is where I like to think God started his plan for my life. After the violence started my church stopped going to Piedras Negras because it was “too dangerous”. This angered me for two reasons; one, people and churches still have needs where ever you go and if people don’t help provide for those needs then nothing will ever happen. Two, back in 2007 when the violence first started St. Louis was the “most dangerous city in America”. So how could anyone deny helping people, needless to say we stopped and the organization we partnered with, Missions Mexico, was no more.

Years later I am in college and I hear of this trip that the Christian Campus house take every year with Casas Por Cristo to build homes for families who need them in Juarez Mexico. I went on one trip my Junior year and remembered how much I love Mexico. After that trip I got an application for an internship with them and at this internship I learned of their need for a designer, which happened to be my major. I told them “hey I love Mexico and the work you do if you don’t hire anyone I will be down here after I graduate”. I took the time that I had back at school to pray and figure out if God wanted me in El Paso working for Casas Por Cristo. I did work for them here and there while I was at school literally texting a staff member once a week “I am still coming”.

A year and a half goes by I am at my final semester of college, and they still had not found an actual designer to hire yet. They just had Brittany Girle doing all the designing, and she would tell you that she had no clue what she was doing most of the time. One day I get a call from her, I had been talking to her about “job security”. I knew that they could not give me any promises of a job as soon as I graduated because they are a non-profit organization and my spot could get filled fast. I pick up the phone and she says “hey I got your job security” and I replied “yeah right how?” which she replied “don’t get mad but I quit!”. Obviously I was sad but this was the sign I needed to know that I was going to give up everything in Missouri to move my life to the desert.

I have now been in El Paso for about a month and five days. Still not knowing exactly what God wants of me I am traveling into the unknown and the only thing that is leading me is my faith and knowing that Gods way is better than my own. Some weeks I am leading teams across the border to build a house, other days I am trying to survive the craziness of the office and the staff, but every day is different.

THAT right there is what makes me feel alive being in the heat of the moment when you see Gods plan in progress. Watching things come together like a puzzle, showing me little by little that I am on the right path, and I am where God Wants me to be in this moment right now.

Who knows what could happen next.


Andrew, a St. Louis native, just graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in Graphic Design and is now working for Casas Por Cristo out of El Paso, Texas. ALSO, he is also about to marry my friend Lacy Couch in May!! I got to know Andrew through the Christian Campus House at UCM, and quickly learned that Andrew is one of the most loyal people I know. If you’re interested in Andrew’s life in Texas/Mexico, read about it on his blog http://r3dsweater.wordpress.com/.