The loneliness never came!

The semester is over and it’s been summer for nearly three weeks. Praise Jesus!

I was actually terrified to begin the spring semester.
I think it began actually after study abroad. One thing about study abroad is that while I changed immensely my friends at home did too. They were changing in really great ways but ways that I wasn’t always apart of. I am incredibly happy for them, but sometimes it was lonely thinking about not being apart of their new lives.
My friends that were different were going through really great things and at the end of the fall semester they became real. They moved away, getting internships and jobs or even getting married. They were growing up and it was exciting, but I was still left in Warrensburg.

I was foolishly anticipating loneliness being left in this town with just my family, myself and a few other friends. How dumb I was to think that, but this anticipated loneliness had me signing myself up for 18 credit hours. I was assuming that I could drown my sorrows with class work in the library. Little did I know in the beginning, but the loneliness never came.
Maybe it was because I drowned out the possibility with schoolwork, but I believe it was mostly because of this group of girls.

I’ve always been a girl’s girl, it’s what makes me feel most comfortable and God put the perfect amount of girls in my life. It’s this group of girls that I got to watch the bachelor, bake, play, study, discover the Lord with. Most of them are freshman and I couldn’t have been more honored to live and grow with them. Their lives help me see growth in my own. They are also so wise beyond their years, their passions and enthusiasm for life make me more passionate and enthusiastic for life. They rule.

Praise jesus for them. Their love reflects God’s love for his people. So much of Jesus is in their lives, it’s been an honor to experience that.
I’m going to miss them over the summer but it’s going to be beautiful to see how we all grow and change in our own spaces.
Community is important and I hate that sometimes I just think about myself. For ultimate community it must be about them instead of me. Thank the Lord the loneliness never came–that’s not how life is meant to be lived.

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